ACC - PCC - MCC Sharing Journeys

  • What is or has been your pathway towards ACC/PCC/MCC ?
  • What works/worked well, what did not ?
  • What are/were important questions or doubts ?
  • What has been/is necessary for you ?
  • What have you learned/are you learning on your journey ?
  • What training, mentoring, assessment, supervision did you follow/are you following ?
The idea is to gain insight into each other’s journeys by sharing non commercial, authentic testimonies about them, by asking questions, by listening to the answers.This sharing will be organized in 2 ways:

1. You can actively participate in very active Facebook group:

2. At regular moments I will collect the most read, liked or shared insights from these groups into a mailing, offering some extra focus on them. Again, nothing commercial. If you’re interested in receiving these mails, please register here below !

Thank you, all my best,

Karl Van Hoey, MCC & CTPC

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